Age Group Descriptions

Where Bilingüitos was born! Pre-school class in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua

Mommy & Me I (6 mo. - 18 mo.)

Mommy & Me II (1 yr - 2 yrs)

We are all for family learning! Mommies & babies learn together in this fun music-filled environment! In the early stages of cognitive development, babies have still not fully established their first language, but rather are able to produce in their babbling sounds found in the world's 7,000 languages! For this reason it's extremely helpful to start language learning as young as possible; with early exposure, your child can incorporate Spanish sounds into his native language inventory. Aid your child's linguistic development and set him up for future bilingualism by starting him early and being part of the learning process.
Family learning continues as mommies & babies learn together through stories, songs, rhythm, and movement! In this stage of language learning, most children have begun to say their first words. Some parents fear that introducing a second language at this point will confuse the child, but it has actually quite the opposite effect. At this age, your baby's brain is at its optimal point for linguistic development and a new language will in fact increase his language processing abilities. Set your child up for future bilingualism by starting him early and being part of the learning process with this fun-filled immersion class!

Pingüinos (2 yrs - 3 yrs)

Ositos (3 yrs - 4 yrs)

We know children learn best through play and exploration, so that's exactly what we encourage them to do in our class for this age group! No two or three year old wants to sit still and be told what to learn, so we are committed to language learning their way! We teach Spanish sounds, vocabulary, and common phrases by engaging with your child at his level through play. With games, music, dance, and interactive story time, your child will be having so much fun that he'll forget that he's even learning. 
At this age, children still love to learn through play and exploration, but they are now able to focus for longer periods of time (though who are we kidding, still quite short!). They are interested in a wider range of topics, so we are able to work on a wider range of vocabulary sets. Our lessons for this age group are all very animated; if we're learning about different foods you can bet we'll have the toy kitchen set out and have a mock picnic. When your child is engaged, he is learning, and this is our goal at Bilingüitos.

Exploradores I (4 yrs - 5 yrs)

Exploradores II (5 yrs - 6 yrs)

Your child is now at the age where he can excel at expressing himself creatively and linguistically. We like to encourage all of these activities while providing the instruction in your child's new language. We incorporate movement, music, interactive story time, animated make-believe play, and arts and crafts into our lessons so that your child will be learning kinesthetically. At this level in our program, you can expect to hear your child using his new vocabulary outside of class, most times without even realizing it.
As your child is gearing up for kindergarten (or perhaps already there!), he has begun to catch on to this new concept: school. School and classes are where you go to learn things and follow rules. And kids either embrace this new concept, or they don't. However we make sure to tailor the learning and activities to suit their interests. In language learning, the truth is following a set order of lesson plans isn't necessary. We often allows students to decide which game they'd like to play, which new vocabulary sets they're interested in. Language learning can only be done if the student is willing and excited. We like to engage our students and have them fall in love with their new language. This is what Bilingüitos is all about.

Aventureros (Elementary age)

Older kids know what's up. You can just imagine it, "Mommm, you signed me up for more school after school?" This won't be the case at Bilingüitos. We love to engage older children by incorporating games and activities that get them excited and involved (think Mad Libs, Guess Who, Spud, Musical Chairs, and more!). At the end of every term, we even put on a short skit for the parents that the kids themselves help develop!

Different age groups available depending on term.