How to best help your child learn a new language
Kaila Rumford
Tuesday, December 13, 2016

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  1. two preschoolers playing in spanish immersion classroom
    29 Dec, 2016
    Top 5 Spanish Words We Hear Our Preschool Students Say - Installment I
    What do our students pick up on without us even realizing it? Of course kids are going to learn vocab sets (like the colors or the shapes) that we explicitly teach them in our lessons, but what's really surprising and impressive is when the kids say words or phrases that they have merely heard regularly here and there as part of our classroom chatter. This really illustrates the nature of language acquisition in children: most of the language they develop doesn't come through explicit instr...
  2. two linguistics students studying indigenous languages in peru
    03 Dec, 2016
    Why learn language from a linguist?
    If you like languages, and truly desire to exceed in learning a new one (or multiple), learn from a linguist. Linguists see language in a way most people just don't think to. Linguistics is the study of language as a science. It looks at language as a set of knowledge systems and studies how these systems work, the patterns they follow, etc. This gives linguists unique insight into how to break down language and teach it from the ground up.